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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 21, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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prayer goes out to mary katherine and her family from her fox family today. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. now over to shep. >> controversy after the republican candidate ben carson says no muslim should be president of the united states. even though there's a constitution and it says it doesn't matter what religion you are. we have this separation thing that's novel. and new polls on where the candidates now stand. plus we'll take you live to cuba, where pope francis spoke to thousands of people today. his message and more on what to expect when he heads to the united states. a former peanut executive stands before a judge to learn whether he'll go to prison for the rest of this life. his crime? shipping con ton didn't contaminated foot food that got hundreds people sick or killed
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them. block. >> happy monday. the biggest debate today in the race for the white house is whether a muslim would be fit for the presidency. it's real. and it's being discussed. in america. never mind that there are no muslim candidates in the race. the republican candidate ben carson brought the topic to the forefront when he said he absolutely would not support a muslim becoming president. the comment sparked backlash from democrats and muslim groups and some of carson republican roundtables. still he is doubling down, tilling the hill newspaper, and i quote, muslims feel their religion is very much part of your public life, and what you do as a public official, and that is inconsistent with our principles and our constitution. unquote. but as rival republican candidate ted cruz point us out, carson's own statement goes against the constitution. >> the constitution specifies
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that there shall be in religious tests for public office, and i'm a constitutionalist. >> the topic of islam first came up when the republican front-runner donald trump did not correct a supporter who said the president is muslim. today donald trump brushed it's off on fox and friends. >> i actually took -- i didn't say anything. the only time i've everren evern been in trouble for not saying anything. i'm saying this -- i have no obligation, moral or otherwise, to defend the president. >> the first poll since last week's debate on cnn shows donald trump has taken hate but still holds the lead. the cn-orc survey has trump at 24%, down eight points since earlier this month. fiorina in second place after the debate at 15%. knocking ben carson to third place. the polls show the bottom dropping out for one-time front-runner scott walker.
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he was in double digits in july, now he has nobody. less than 1%. we have team fox coverage of he 2016 race now one year plus in advance. ed henry covering the democrats and word that joe biden might, might, might by entering the race. the white house nation on the ben carson comment today. fill us in. >> reporter: you're right, josh ernest critical of candidates for not being tough on dr. carson on this issue. >> this is a cynical strategy that too many republican politicians have dabbled in, because for some of them it's proved to be successful but there are consequences for their ability to govern the country, and con consequences at the ballot box, too. >> one candidate with tough comments errings senator lindsey graham, noting there 3500
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american muslims wearing the uniform of the united states military who are loyal. >> i think this shows dr. carson is not ready to be commander in chief. he said he didn't believe something of the muslim faith could be loyal to the constitution. >> others have not weighed in, perhaps it would take them away from saying what they would do as president. >> what is trump up to? >> reporter: donald trump promised if elected he will forego the presidential salary of $400,000 per. >> saying he won't take a dollar. trump is also coming out with a new book on october 27th, according to his publisher and the campaign, the publisher says it will outline how a crippled america could be restored to greatness. trump has two other best sellers, the art of the deal, and time to get tough. i should note dr. carson has a book coming occupy october 6th october 6th and then a book tour so soon they will re battling over book sales. >> thank you very much. mike emanuel. the same survey shows hillary
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clinton lead growing on the democratic side. secretary clinton now hayes 42% of democratic support nationwide if you factor in joe biden and bernie sanders. up from 37% earlier this morning. her closest rival, bernie sanders, dropped during the time. now 24%. now, that's suggesting that biden is running. of course joe biden has of this moment, not running for president. not yet, anyway. he isn't. so until he is he isn't. so he is picking up 22% support. that number means little but he has not announced whether he is run so he is not running and nobody is campaigning against him. today new signs he could be getting closer to a run. according to a source at nbc news, biden's wife jill is, quote in full support unphoto of her husband entering the race. ed, i didn't mention the other part of the poll which is sans biden she is over 50%.
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now the vice-president could be closer to making a decision and maybe enter the race. what how hearing? >> reporter: "wall street journal" reporting over the weekend, looking more and more like joe biden is going to get in. that square is with what i'm picking up from senior democratic fundraiser who are putting together plans for the possibility of biden getting in. he has to catch up to hillary clinton in terms of money real quick. also get on the ballot, obviously in some key states. that's while he has to get this moving but just did an interview with a catholic news organization ahead of pope francis' visit to the united states, and sounds like joe biden is still struggling with this emotionally. listen to this. >> it's not quite there yet, and may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to. run and succeed because there are certain windows that will close, but if that's it, it's it. it's not like i can rush it. not like it either happens or
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doesn't happen. >> reporter: you can see this decision having a big impact on him, and his family. as well personally and then a big political impact for hillary clinton and that cnn/orc poll if joe biden is not a candidate her lead ore bernie sanders increases and looks like she would more easily look up the nomination. >> hillary clinton saw her on sunday, it's been a while. >> reporter: yes, cbs "face the nation," had not been on a sunday show in years shin was secretary of state. the campaign leaked out they had this plan to make here more authentic. show the real hillary clinton. when she was pressed, who is the real hillary clinton, here's the answer. >> i can't possibly do that. look, i am a real person. with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. eve and been in the public eye for so long that i think it's like the feature that you see
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some magazine sometimes, real people actually go shopping. >> reporter: when you're working that hard to show you're a real person, it's difficult for a presidential candidate. this has been called by many a year of the outsider. she appear told be the ultimate insider as the former secretary of state, senator, first lady, but she also tried to stay, look, if elected i'm the first female president. that is the ultimate outsider. >> real person. real person. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. >> all right. thank you. good to see you. over to at the pope now. pope francis told cubans today that they should be willing to change and overcome ideological differences and comes in the middle of cuba's diplomatic thaw with the united states. the pope spoke at a mass in eastern cuba during the latest leg of his historic visit to the island nation. set to arrive in washington tomorrow for his first visit to the united states. first some images in our slide show. does he get an enforcement does
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fidel castro get anything from adidas. the vatan officials star saying the two men exchanges books and talked about issues including the environment and the global economy, as might be expect. pope francis led a mass at revolution square in havana. you can see in the background there, that's a metal portrait of -- che guevara. human rights activists say four dissents were arrested. you can cease the fliers here in the air? throwing leaflets as the pope was arriving and in cuba that's a no-no. the spokesman says it invited dissents to meet the pope but a security officials storm -- stopped members from attending
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as they were storming the police. the was stro reportedly gave workers food and a day's pay to show up to line the streets as the pope arrived. the pope in cuba headed the united states. first steve harrigan is in havana. hello, steve. >> reporter: it's clear this pope likes to get off the beaten trail and is doing that todayful left havana for the city of holguín, where no pope has been before and drawing large crowds. the pope told the people in the outdoor mass to not be afraid to change. jesus wants you to keep an open mind. big crowd for the first latin american pope and he pope, was 62 years ago, as a 16-year-old boy in argentina, that pope francis walked into a church, into a confessional and decided to become a priest. 62 years ago today. that boy is now on the world stage, the first latin american pope and widely credited as
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being a key figure in helping re-open relat and the united states where he heads tomorrow afternoon. near havana he met 40 minutes with fidel castro in his home with his wife and children present. they gave each other presents, talked about the environment. one group not on the agenda, there are no officially scheduled public meetings between this pope and any dissidents. we have a a number of groups trying to get up close to the pope, one man grabbed on to popemobile but no one has gotten close to the pope yet. >> steve, gorgeous day in havana. later, a look at what he pope has planned the n the united states -- planned in the united states. we'll be live along the route and he'll be taking the popemobile. will re be live all day from. ahead, heros in the church. wilts say when a man started
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police alabama calling a pastor and churchgoers heroes today.
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they wrestled a gun from a man who opened fire, hitting his ex-girlfriend, their boy and a pastor. nobody died. happened yesterday morning in selma. we have a picture of the suspect here. his name is james minter. police say they think he was angry over the couple's recent breakup ask and visitation issues with their son. according to the investigators, withs say the man came into the church, salt in the front row between the woman and the baby. he then pulled out a gun and started shooting. after the woman hit the ground, investigators say he shot her in the jaw and the shoulder. the baby hit in the hand, one-month-old child, his own child. witnesses say at that point the pastor grabbed the man but got shot in the leg along the way. they say members of the congregation jumped in and took the gun. the man escaped but was caught less than a mill from the church. trace gallagher picks up the story. nobody seems surprised bid the
12:16 pm
pastor's actions. >> reporter: friend busy members say the actions of the pastor are amazing but not surprising. the 61-year-old pastor has spent his life helping people and would never turn airplane from someone in need even if that men risking his open life, and a local alabama tv station is recording the pastor was actually shot twice while he was trying to grab the suspect. he was still able to hold james minter long enough for other members of the congregation to help wrestle the gun away. police say that action definitely saved lives. >> when you have someone with a firearm that is firing upon a person in a closed quarter area and you do whatever you can with regard to your own life, to protect someone else's life. >> reporter: even though the alleged shooter is black and the pastor is white, police do not believe this had anything to do with race. lookly stemmed from a custody battle. the infant boy lost four fingers
12:17 pm
in the shooting. >> oh, man. kn anything more on this man who shoot him? the father, i guess? >> reporter: we spoke to the dallas county prosecutor who says the 26-year-old james minter has an extensive criminal history, including for assault, crimes involving weapons, and domestic violence. minter is making his initial court appearance right now and the d.a. is asking for mime dollars bond hitches facing three counts of attempted murder which carry touch life in prison. the suspect's former girlfriend has been released from the hospital. her name has not been released. of course, selma was the scene of bloody sunday march inside 1965 when law enforcement attacked volting rights activists during the civil rights movement. selma's violent crime rate is now five times higher than the state average. >> trace gallagher, thank you. the former head of a peanut company could spend the rest of his life behind bars because of a deadly salmonella outbreak that spread to almost every state in the country. analysts say he sentence could
12:18 pm
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par. 21 minutes past the hour. wildfire alert. officials in california say a fire raging north of san francisco has destroyed more than a thousand homes. one of the most tee instructive fires in the state's history and it is not over in all, the two massive fires we recently covered have killed at least five people and burned down close to 1600 homes. in a different wildfire, farther south in monterrey, -- mon rey county. investigators say firefighters
12:22 pm
found a person dead inside a burned vehicle. they're investigating that as a possible suicide a judge in georgiaes decide toking whether the former president of a peanut company should pend his life behind bars for a deadly salmonella outbreak in 2009. if the former executive does go to prison for the rest of his life, legal analysts say that will be a first, unprecedented. last year a jury found stewart parnell guilty of changing lab results and knowingly shipping contaminated peanut butter to other companies and it turned up in several different products from crackers to pet food. health officials said the outbreak spread across 46 states, killed nine people, caused hundreds more to get sick. federal investigators raid need nut corporation of america plant in southwest georgia in the town of blakeley. they say the building had a leaky roof, with mold and roaches and rodents crawling all
12:23 pm
over the police. sounded disgusting. court documents describe how stewart parnell approved peanut butter shipments even though some of the containers were covered in dust and rat droppings. the company sent out some batches without even testing them. slapping on fake labels that claimed they were salmonella free. and it appears, at least from the court testimony, he knew. here's an e-mail that stewart, that ceo, wrote, just ship it. he wrote. i can't afford to lose another customer, unquote. defense attorneys say a life sentence would be too harsh and he is being treated as a scapegoat, this brother and former quality control manager also face several years in prison. let's bring in mercedes colin. this is unusual because the ceo is in essence about to be charged with murder, and if convicted, sent away forever. >> exactly. the prosecutors say 7 on 9 people were affected by -- 709
12:24 pm
people who affected, nine died. the ceo is saying how can you say what the folks are doing on this level can impact me? but it's the e-mails. that type of evidence just killed him. especially the lab results that were manipulated. >> the test results okayed not only did he know -- indicated not only did he know the peanut con con contaminated built he lied. >> it's the coverup. a lot of case like this and lots of product liability cases around the country. but when you have this type of misconduct at this high level, where he knew there there were fake labels and there is an e-mail that says, just ship it. you're putting in this contaminated food in the marketplace. it's going to sick envieds and ultimately that's what the prosecutors were able to show to the jurors. >> does the defense have a leg to stand on when it says, it's
12:25 pm
never been done like this? you're overcharging and overpunishing do they have a leg to stand on? >> not really but that's a great point there is an act, a statute that says if you're a corporation or corporate head or involved in a corporation and you knew this type of product is going out and you're affecting public health, it's strict liable, meaning you're responsible for this. you should have known. you should have nope or must have known, and in this case they actually were shown that he knew that this was happening in the corporation. >> we're expecting something soon? >> absolutely. sentencing should be within the next four to six weeks. there's definitely an appeal underway. his attorneys are but there's no leg to stand on. >> appeals happen on actions in court that were outside what i proper for the courtroom setting. >> they're going to say he was overcharged by the prosecution. not ineffective counsel but the charging, what the instructions
12:26 pm
were given to the injury, but so hard to overturn these conviction especially when the jury made the decision based on evidence. >> quite a message to be sent to a big corporation. those who feed us and all the rest. >> don't put profits over people. really, the bottom line. >> i seem to remember one oil company -- well, won't get into that. so, if we get the verdict in this hour we'll bring it to you. >> i'll be right here. >> much more ahead on the pope's first ever visit to the united states. details on what the pope has planned in a live report from the largest catholic church in north america. plus, the largest automaker on the planet, accused of rigging tests to make it seem like its cars pollute a whole lot less than they do, and breaking just a few minutes ago, word that the company is now the focus of a criminal investigation. wow. so, the largest catholic church will go live for that. this accusation, one of the largest we can remember against any company of its kind,
12:27 pm
volkswagen. and one of the largest winds of my life on the road at alabama, hotty toddy. we'll be right back.
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here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. a house explode this morning south of dallas in. debris blew across the neighborhood, damaging nine other homes. emergency officials report they airlifted two people to the hospital. utility workers say it's too early to tell whether a natural gas leak may have sparked this. a dominoes pizza delivery guy in berkeley, california, gave the wrong box to a customer. oops. >> pulled out what i thought was wings and turned out to be 1300 bucks. >> why didn't he be quiet? he returned the cash. in exchange the store gave him free pizzas for a year. a daredevil in inning length claims he broke the record for the fastest wheelie.
12:30 pm
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more nope's tour of cuba and the united states. the white house reports it expects a warm reception for the catholic leader tomorrow. the president expected to greet him at joint base andrews and hold a welcome ceremony at the white house the following day. after d.c., the pope set to visit new york city and then held to philadelphia before departing to rome on sunday. shannon breen is live at the basilica of the shrine in washington which calls itself the largest catholic church in america, set to lead a mass there on wednesday? >> he will, around 4:15 eastern time in the afternoon you. mother be able to see the chairs here. thousands set up for those lucky enough to get inside here at the basilica. of course that's ahead of his speech to congress on thursday.
12:33 pm
that joint address. we're told it's not going to be political in nature but you know so much of what the pope talks about does have policy implications,. >> pope francis has inspired both catholics and noncatholics alike for his willingness to live out the kinds of values he preaches, and that i think has really resonated. not just among catholics but among people of faith all around the world. >> reporter: you know, many lawmakers in washington talked publicly about their catholic faith. john boehner was overcome in talking about the fact he is so excited the pope will bell here. nancy pelosi a devout catholic. that don't often vote the same way on key issues they both talk about their faith and the expire excitement about the pope coming. >> the pope has met the president.
12:34 pm
>> they did immediate at the vatican in 2014. the president will actually meet the pope when he lands tomorrow. its unusual. they'll actually by there to meet him and he a massive welcoming ceremony at the white house on wednesday. thousands are going to be allowed on to the grounds there, a mix of different religious leaders, culture folks will be there, and then pope is going to go in the area in the popemobile. the first chan for the public to see him and get a glimpse. they will be packing in to do that on the national mall. >> looking forward it to. the russian.vladimir putin trying to ease concern offices his military buildup in syria. he met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today for the first time in two years. the israeli leader says the syrian group supplies weapons to hezbollah. the putin says the syrian regime has no time for that due to the
12:35 pm
civil war there president putin is accuse of sending fighter jets and tanks to help assad but russian officials say they're trying to help the assad regime in the fight against isis. a spokesman for the pentagon says the russian buildup has the defense secretary's full attention. >> the united states will sooner -- i should say soon open the border to a significant increase in migrants and that's a quote, not really a judgment. more of a quote. this despite warnings from lawmakers we could be letting terrorists in the country. secretary of state john kerry made the state, about letting the migrants in and says the united states will take in torches thousands thousands of l refugees from around the globe, men from syria. tens of thousands. when there are four minimum refugees now and more coming. it's like, are we in on this? which is understandable, or not, which is also understandable. then don't take any.
12:36 pm
talk about a drop in the bucket. white house said the refugee goes through a, quote, rigorous screening process. hundreds of thousands of people are on the run from war and terror in the middle east, and are flooding european countries. the united states accepted only 1500 syrian refugees since the civil war start more than four years ago. now officials are planning to take in at least 10,000 syrians in the next year alone but activists are saying there are more than four million refugees. a former state department official, staff member on the national security council and is now the dean of the school of international service at american university and live with news washington. sir good, to see you again. >> nice to see you. >> we're get being the tens of thousands here. what do you make of this? >> well, so, right now, the united states has a cap on refugees worldwide of 70,000, and secretary kerry has announced that will go to 85,000 next year, and 100,000 the
12:37 pm
following year. but that is worldwide. that's not just for syrian refugees, and there's really, as you just said, drop in the bucket, given the incredible number of refugees, four million outside of that country, many of them have been going to jordan and lebanon, now they're going to europe. this is really a global problem. it needs to be dealt with by the international community, and the united states should be in the lead. and to date, we have done very little. >> plenty of people think shouldn't have anybody here and plenty of people who believe that we're the united states, with the richest, most powerful country in the world, and these people are dying. and the least we can do is help. i don't know anybody who thinks, okay, just take a few tens of thousands and you're good to go. what are we trying to do here? >> well, i think with this announcement, there was an attempt to thread the needle between trying to assuage those
12:38 pm
people who said we have to do more and also trying to address the concerns of those who are saying, how are you going to know that -- whether these are terrorists or not? as the obama administration has said, we have rigorous screening processes. in fact, it takes 18 to 24 months for refugees to go through the process as they're screened to make sure that they are not going to do harm when they come to this country, but this is a country of immigrants. we have been a welcoming country during our history. we have that statue of liberty sitting in the harbor off new york, and this is just a massive humanitarian crisis, caused by the war in syria that raged for more than four years, and that is what we need to address at its root if we're going to address the refugee crisis. as long as the continues we'll see people fleeing fleeing the .
12:39 pm
>> if you're escaping war crimes, the history in the united states is you can come here, the old tired, yearning to breathe free. instead we have the ridiculousness of the primary season and in addition it's not on television, not on the news, in newspapers, to the degree that americans might learn what is happening. i feel like part of this is our fault and it's embarrassing. >> yes. you have most of the pressure right now is on europe. that's where we're seeing the flow right now, and we have seen the reaction of countries like croatia and hungary trying to get the people to go somewhere else. the germans have been relatively welcoming. we're we'll see major meetings in europe this week where the european union has to try to forge a common policy to deal with the problem. but given the nature and the scale of this, it's really going to require u.s. leadership to address it at all levels. the humanitarian crisis part of this, the fact that the civil war is raging, just referred
12:40 pm
earlier to president putin's role now in the syrian crisis, and russian military moves. this is going to require a real u.s. investment. >> i'm watching for it and haven't found it. nice to talk to you, thank you. >> thanks. >> the justice department is now conducting criminal investigation after the feds say volkswagen rigged the u.s. emission tests for almost half a million cars. that's what the u.s. officials say. volkswagen stock plunging 17% today. that will make them pay take. the environmental protection agency accuses volkswagen of abusing so-called defeat devices. basically they hide a car's true emission level when you're in to there for the testing. you have to have the inspection sticker, so it tricks the machine. the fed says that allowed some diesel cars to release pollutants up to 40 times the legal limit. epa officials ordered voces wag ton re-call and fix 482,000
12:41 pm
cars. they say the vehicles are safe to drive in every way but pose a significant threat to public health. the feds say owner does not need to act right now. they can wait for the re-call. they say that the cars affected include diesel model of the jetta, the beetle, the golf, the passat, and the audi a3, dating back seven years. the ceo apologized for breaking the trust of its customers. apologized. ashley webster is here. the apology is weird to me because they did this knowingly and intentionally. >> yes. >> now they're apologizing for something they did on purpose? >> well, quite genius. they have software in the car that would tell the car's computer, you're being tested for emissions. let's restitution the emissions. as soon as the test is over they got back to normal driving. they started spew ought more pollute tenants. -- pollutants. generous but both to cost.
12:42 pm
it's $37,000 per vehicle re-call. that a fine up to $18 billion. now, unlikely it will be that much but some of these vw executives could be facing criminal charges as well. and you mentioned the apology. from the chief executive of vw. martin winter. he said i personally am deeply sorry that we have broken the trust of our customers and the public, and you know what? he could be out of a job. the vw board is meeting on friday. analysts save he could be on the way out. >> i'm sorry we intentionally did what you caught us doing. >> i wonder if vw owners would have staning to sue the company. >> we have u.s. law firm launching a class action lawsuit for anyone who bought these vehicles. basically saying, look, these customers were duped and paid more for this quality about the vehicle that they never
12:43 pm
received. >> 1-800-bad cars. call us now. lawyers are at the ready. >> get ready. >> they're digs right here. >> we love to have their now. >> sure. >> thank you. ahead, photos of the largest sailing yacht in all the world. it's huge. the thing has eight decks. but what is below the surface may be the most impressive part. that's next from the fox news channel. hang tough. if you don't think seize the trip when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get inspired with aarp travel. plan and book your trip online and get hot travel tips from the pros. find more real possibilities at
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there's a new boat out there. first pictures of the world's largest sailing yacht. >> you can see the three masts here. almost as big as the ship is lengthwise. just to give you an idea there. the hull is completely made of steel. it is the white pearl, estimated to cost a little more than
12:47 pm
$400 million. it has eight decks and an underwater observation room, and it accommodates up to 20 guests for 54 crew members. >> 54 crew. >> the cruise speaks is 18 miles-per-hour but can reach speeds as high as 24 miles-per-hour. a little slow. the height of its masts are 300 feet. to give you an idea of the scope of that, the statue of liberty is 305 feet. so the masts are about tall. >> as long as other football field you would be alabama on, where the tide go to die. got it. >> as far as -- >> coker is starting from now on, says nick in just the tweet that came out. helping of the ship. >> length of the ship is 468 feet, and to give you an idea of this, this u.s. navy guided missile frigate is 453 feet. the owner is 43 years old,
12:48 pm
russian bill billionaire who mace hides fortune in the bangerring industry. and he happens to own his own personal boeing 737. >> now he is in the middle of this -- i guess the biggest ship company. >> looks like. >> thank you. nice to see you. it was a night filled with historic wins. no. that, too but i'm talking about the emmys last night which was also fantastic. the highlights and lowlights. we'll speak with kennedy. use jazz hands when saying it. how great was she? right? "how to get away with murder. " ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country?
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hand apparently, they also lovee what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers
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12:52 pm
we'll have a recap. hbo dominate the whole thing. got 14 awards there, the hbo, including best drama for "game of thrones" and best comedy for "veep. "it's an actress extraordinaire. viola davis the first black woman to win a best actress in a drama series for her role in "how to get away with murder" and finally jon hamm -- insert another joke -- finally took home best actor for the last season of money mad men" and plenty of other emotional moments. after spending months recovering crime a car crashing, tracy morgan return to the stage and fellow actors and friends in fares. >> i miss you guys so much. last year jimmy kimmel said on the stage we'll see you back here next year, tracy morgan. well, jimmy, thanks to my
12:53 pm
amazing doctors, and the support of my family, my beautiful wife, i'm here. [applause] >> beautiful thing it was. a spoiler alert now. if you're not caught up on all the shows that ended this year, the emmys decided to spoil it all in one video montage that had a lot of people upset. kennedy is here. they didn't do spoiler alert. just piled it. >> that was insane. couldn't believe they've did that considering how many people binge watch shows and how many people -- you have to assume that people have series stacked up and maybe they were going to watch the end of "board walk empire" or "mad men" and now they know that everyone dies. >> what? i realize it what was going on and turned the sound down. >> that's smart. >> everybody dies. so i don't need to bother.
12:54 pm
"empire" is back on wednesday. i thought that the opening thing was really good. >> i thought andy samberg was so funny. >> fantastic. i was watching -- i feel like i live in an ultimate universe. they hated it. thought it was great. >> it's interesting because he got mixed reviews. i think if you appreciate his sense of humor, you thought he did a fantastic job, and i like that he is a little bit of a nontraditional host. jimmy kimmel dead well last year but love andy samberg. >> last year they got all kinds of flak, all the awards show did, about lack of diversity. i thought she was fantastic. >> i love the bob, and viola davis had an amazing acceptance speech with their hairat tubman quote. she its at the first african-american woman to win
12:55 pm
lead actress. there are spill barriers to be broken down. >> you can't win if there's not a role for you. there was great television on saturday as well. your bruins did great. >> my bruins did not do so well. actually -- >> they won. >> i had to tweet josh rosen and remind him to throw to the guys in the blue shirts. he kept throwing -- threw interceptions. i love him, 18 years old, but my goodness he had the yips. >> i didn't have to remind swag kelly. swag kelly found the right players. boys in blue. >> ole miss, blowing out alabama for the second year in a row. >> it was great, great fun. we're here now. great respect for the alabama program. i think we're 42-11-2 against them or something like that. but i've never seen quite in the excitement like this. it's like ohio state, michigan state, hotty toddy. >> what is it like being on the podium. >> i don't know. vanderbilt this weekend then
12:56 pm
florida. going to be at both of those, very excited. hotty toddy. >> i appreciate you fly to the games. one thing that connects to us humanity and each other, it is passion, it is especially the passion for college football which is unparalleled. >> to place batter in all the world than saturday in the grove in the fall and you're comping. you and your husband are comping to have the hotty toddyier and experience. she's coming. not telling you wren because there will be security.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
elves, and a wizard name gandolf. "the hobbit" hit he book stores 78 years ago today. as news breaks out we'll break in. now, over to cavuto. because why not? >> i'm thinking of that, white e why not? the pope is in town and all of a sudden now you have the dow having a rally. coincidence? i don't know but the fourth pontiff to visit the ute. we should point out that every time the pop comes to the united states the market goes up. to keep in mind the case of john paul ii, he visit node fewer than seven times including a fuel stopover in average ridge. the pope is in up to and people were buying stocks. much more on that development. the unu


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